I have had multiple fantastic experiences with CCS and their team. The company provides incredible food as well as tremendous insight into planning and executing different catered events. The prices are very reasonable. Would definitely work with in the future!

...Is a great chef, everything is cooked well and everything done as it should be.
— Eric M.
In my opinion, the meals are unique, creative and they are not only filling, but tasty!
— Michael F.

We had other food service providers before we switched to Campus Culinary Solutions and it was such a big difference. Before we switched we never had lines for dinner, but after CCS took over people would start lining up for dinner. We had a tremendous mix of meals, everything from healthy chicken wraps to cooked to order steaks that were delicious! The difference was night and day when we switched, the food was so good people actually were quiet in our cafeteria because they were too focused on eating. I would highly recommend to anyone that is not blown away by their current provider because CCS sets the standard very high and I have yet to find anyone that can beat it.

Very conscious about getting things done on time and orderly.
— Jean B.
The quality of the cooking is excellent.
— Rick H.

Chef Jesse, Alexandria and the CCS team are awesome to work with. Tons of variety in the menus and very accommodating of dietary restrictions. Our last food provider was more expensive and made lower quality food. I was on the team that evaluated all the competition when we switched providers and CCS was the clear winner. Our CCS chef worked as if he was in a professional restaurant but was also very friendly to all the members of our fraternity. I highly recommend them!
Demonstrates excellent and professional service.
— Kylee E.

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Alex and crew are incredible. Helped me work through some issues we were having. The food is delicious! The prices are fair. Very thankful to have them as part of our team! Trust me, you want their team working for you.